Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A leisurely stroll

After finally getting some breakfast we were ready to explore.

Harpers Ferry Historic District is really just a couple of street so getting around town was very easy. Perched up on an hill overlooking the mighty Potomac and Shenandoah rivers this pretty little town is well maintained and oozes old world charm. Perfect destination for a leisurely stroll!

Even though the historic value was lost on Teeny, she understood the town was old but given her age I do not think she can put it into context. She did love walking around the Historic District, ducking into the various shops , not all of which were open in the winter when we visited. I enjoyed the fact that the stores were individually owned and operated. No big box franchises, no big bright glaring Toys R Us or Barbie themed everything for sale. Not that there is anything wrong with that but is nice to have a break from it. The stores seemed to stay true to the heritage and history of the town as well, each in its own way maintains the old world charm and offers up local artifacts and trinkets. The Bloke, who has an interest in military history, purchased quite a few vintage books on the American Civil War. I have no doubt if he was sans family he would have spent hours upon hours trawling the bookshelves of the various stores.

Teeny loved Aunt Irene's Old World Pastries and Confections (I did too), we both stood mesmerized at the shop window ogling the candy that lay within. I highly recommend the homemade fudge and hot chocolate…delicious.