Thursday, March 26, 2009

Breakfast options in Harpers Ferry

Let me start by saying I really liked our time in Harpers Ferry, WV and Teeny certainly felt it's charm and did not feel any of the "inconveniences" .

Yes we chose to visit Harpers Ferry in winter (late February) and yes we realized it is low tourist season, frankly that is why we chose to visit. I really wanted to have a country folksy cozy weekend family getaway. I feel I have mainly been exposing Teeny to big cities and high density tourist destinations and it was time for something a little different.

I assumed due to the number of accommodation options and restaurants I had read about in such a small area that is Harpers Ferry, that we would have at least a few eating options. I know I sound obsessed with food, I am. Eating local food and soaking in the atmosphere is part of the travel experience.

When we woke up from our first night in Harpers Ferry, breakfast was on the cards. We took our time getting dressed and then stepped outside to find nothing open. Well almost nothing, The Vintage Lady, a charming little clothing and jewelry boutique was open and the proprietor told us that there is nothing open for breakfast in town, our best bet is to jump in the car and head a few miles up the road (even further than The Anvil Restaurant). Well that is a very nice solution if we had arrived by car. We had chosen to arrive by MARC commuter train, making the journey all part of the overall experience.

Looked like we were skipping breakfast or taking another long walk for our meal. We thought it was worth checking with our accommodation, surely other guests have come across this issue (right?). It turns out that yes others have come across this very same issue. To try and ease the hunger, the kind folks at our accommodation have cleverly stocked their shelves with pancake mix and syrup. Not exactly what I had in mind but let's make lemonade out of lemons. The lovely lady at reception set us up in the back kitchen with all the ingredients and equipment, put on a fresh batch of coffee and even set Teeny up with a video to watch while we (it was really the Bloke) prepared breakfast.

With our bellies full, we were ready to discover Harpers Ferry.

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