Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Anvil Restaurant

We finally got to the Anvil Restaurant, albeit a little wet after our walk through the rain. (See previous post Friday night in Harpers Ferry). We were grateful to have reached our final destination and to be sitting in front of a big old fire about to be fed. The Anvil was not full considering it was the only restaurant open in town. There were probably only three other tables occupied in the dining room and another three or four people in the bar area.

The place and the food felt old, not in the charming and comforting sense of the word. Rather everything was a little on the stale side, from the ambiance down to the baked potato that they serve with all the entrees.

I ordered Crab Cakes, the Bloke ordered steak and Teeny not feeling a culinary adventure on the cards (how did she know and why didn't she warn us) had pasta with butter from the kid's menu. The entrees were served with limp salad (it was really just some old lettuce with one slice of tomato) and the ubiquitous baked potato, which felt like it was cooked last week and wacked into a microwave for a quick preheating prior to serving.

To be fair the steak Bloke ordered was good, all three of us attacked it quite vigorously. Teeny also rather enthusiastically ate through the contents of the bread basket and that pretty much sums up the highlights of the meal.

Even with the coupon (Yes, I am using they say when in Rome) I had printed from the Anvil Restaurant website the meal was more expensive than I had anticipated and I certainly did not feel it was a good value for money family meal.

Was the Anvil worth the walk? Yes it was open.
Would I walk two miles to eat there again? No.

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