Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friday night in Harpers Ferry

Eating out in Harpers Ferry, WV was not as easy as I would have assumed.

We felt fairly peckish upon arriving into Harpers Ferry early Friday evening. Teeny and I especially are early eaters, getting fairly cranky if there is no food in front of us by 6pm.

Finding a dinner option was a priority after checking into the accommodation, I was feeling a little apprehensive about our choices as this charming little town was feeling a little deserted once we walked the short way from the train station to our accommodation. I mean there were no shop lights on……lights off no one home, not a good sign for a hungry family who had already eaten the stash of granola bars.

Earlier that day I had printed out a list of restaurants reviews in the area. I have learnt it pays to have a Plan B and even C when traveling with Teeny, when spontaneity does not work out I pull out my handy dandy lists. So we hit the phone and started calling all the restaurants in town (which is not a lot to begin with). Reviews aside it turns out there was only one restaurant open in town and it was 2 miles away. Which is not very far but having arrived by train we were planning on getting around town by foot.

As we were walking to the one and only dinner destination open in town on a Friday it started to rain, so we started walking very quickly along the dark deserted street of Harpers Ferry. Along the way we did pass a pizza place. The Kings Pizza & Italian Restaurant, which was open but we opted to keep heading towards our original destination, The Anvil Restaurant. At this stage the crankiness level fueled by our hunger and fatigue from walking was high.

I knew that Harpers Ferry was a small little quaint town and that is exactly the reason we chose it for a weekend getaway. I just did not realize it was a relative ghost town in winter with shop and restaurant owners choosing not to open due to lack of "tourists". Or is there a lack of "tourists" due to there being no amenities open?

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